Reframing the Debate on Political Violence

American political discourse is led on a leash by the corporate media. Dissenting voices fight an uphill battle just to be heard. When these voices finally can be heard it is only when they are de-contextualized and “spun” to achieve the political ends of the corporate media.

This is why independent media is so crucial. But however important our own media may be, many issues require more than just space on a page. When this is the case, political discourse takes to the streets… so to speak. Anarchists, often identified in the media as the most subversive and agitated political faction in the political fray, can be found either advocating the “discourse in the streets” or actively engaging in it. Groups like the Earth Liberation Front and Animal Liberation Front are now notorious for a number of (ongoing!) direct actions. They have earned contemporary anarchists the reputation of being not only treacherous but also very violent. But who exactly are these black-masked bomb-throwers? What exactly is the connection between their ideology and violence?



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