The Historical Fascist Movement in France?

The specter of fascism haunts the scholarship on French interwar history. Much ink has been spent among post-war historians while trying to determine whether there ever was such a thing as French fascism, and, if there was, what its defining characteristics were. The evolution of a generic definition of fascism itself owes a good deal to research of the various ligues, partis, and other organizations that constituted the political spectrum of the day. By examining a fascist movement that happened outside of Germany and Italy, the two countries in which can be seen the archetypal fascist movements, fascism as a worldwide phenomenon can be more fully understood. It can demonstrate conceptual evolution of fascism and offer clues as to cultural, economic, and political reasons for fascism’s success or failure in a given country. Nevertheless, this is a highly debated issue, with a lot at stake for the French people for whom the revelation of a fascist past is a modern-day embarrassment.



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