Reading Across Marx: What Becomes of the Concept of Alienation?

I intend to trace the development of Marx’s critique of alienation into an understanding of commodity fetishism that necessitates an immanent critique of capitalism as opposed to a critique from the standpoint of labor. Rather than simply announcing that one of Marx’s “early” lines of thought (the theory of alienation) is irrelevant in light of his “mature” conceptual developments (commodity-fetishism), or neglecting the crucial advancements that the latter proposes for itself (as Traditional Marxism often has), fundamentally this will be an attempt to show how Marx’s lines of thought in the Economic and Philosophical Manuscripts (EPM) establish the conditions and lay the groundwork for his interpretation found in Capital, though the latter, in its critique of fetishism specifically and its modification of the conception of human nature, reads against the EPMat certain points.



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