New Republication: Text of a radio talk delivered by Stan Iverson

Last year Open Revolutions began to collect and transcribe materials relating to Seattle’s anarchist history, much of which is still not yet represented online. Rekolektiv is republishing one of the completed transcriptions from the Bulletin of the Seattle Group, the text of a speech that Stan Iverson delivered over the radio in 1965.

Iverson, one-time communist, book store owner, and house boat resident, sums up the anarchist critique of authoritarian socialism and gives it a sexy twist at the end. Pure 1960s anarcho gold.

Libertarian Socialism, or if you please, anarcho-socialism, makes as its point of departure from orthodox socialism, its criticism of orthodox socialism as relying too heavily upon centralism, leadership concepts, parliamentarianism; and as depending too heavily upon the experience of socialisms which are striving to emerge in underdeveloped countries where the major economic problem is to carry thru what has already been accomplished in capitalist lands, an industrial revolution.

Complete text.

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One response to “New Republication: Text of a radio talk delivered by Stan Iverson

  • charles reinsch

    It seems that the the domain “OpenRevolutions” has passed on to another group. I am trying to locate audio of Stan’s commentaries that were broadcasto over radio station KRAB, Seattle in the 1960’s and 70’s, so that it can be posted on the KRAB archive web site,

    Does anyone have tapes or digitized recordings?

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